Dark Drone Ambient Electronic Music – “Black Devices” – Pim Zond

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Ambient Drone Music / “Guitar For a Toxic Planet” – Perry M Stratychuk

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Steam Punk Electrical Music

Ambient Soundscape Space Music Mix – Forest Exploration

Definitions North Americans Do Not Understand

Word Definitions North Americans Don’t Understand


Prodigal” means wrecklessly wasteful or extravagant… I don’t want my son to be prodigal, and if he is, I don’t want him returning until he smartens up!

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Steampunk Music Single – Album Art Video – Perry Mark Stratychuk

The Cybergoth Abstract Music Video – Pim Zond

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Perry Mark Stratychuk – Modern Uses of Crystals

Click here to hear Modern Uses of Crystals by Perry Mark Stratychuk!

Source: Perry Mark Stratychuk – Modern Uses of Crystals

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Electronic Music Perry Mark Stratychuk

Pim Zond Contagion on Spotify

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